Tuesday, October 12, 2010

iMac update...

Two days after taking delivery at home on my iMac, the thing started to sound like a turbo-prop ready for takeoff! Fan noise was amazing - my cat jumped three feet into the air as the sound began without warning! So of course I called Apple. After several calls I was instructed to take my new baby (all 21.5") into our local Apple service center - we are so lucky - our local service center is Small Dog Electronics.I lugged it down there in its original box which, as luck would have it, has a handle! Apparently most people carry them in under blankets but the thing is very unstable off if a desk. Two days later I had it home again - the diagnosis was a blown main board (used to be called the motherboard). Failed all heat tests. Said board replaced and away we go. It is now several months later, all seems well, and she functions soundlessly.

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