Friday, November 18, 2016

And...Starting Again...

Yes, this is still me.  I am going to be resurrecting the general blog and thought I would just post here in advance of some new thoughts to come starting in January 2017.  Again, I need the outlet of general observations of the world, both near and far. Books might play a part, as will cats so if that makes you fall asleep already, be warned!  I won't be talking about sewing machines and quilting here though because that happens over at Eyelets in the Seams.  Kinda droll too because my last post there was all about my vintage ironing board. What could be more fascinating than that I ask you!


  1. What a wonderful idea.. Love it.. love book reviews and can't wait to see what you read next. THANKS..

    1. :) Thanks Pigling!!!!! Got lots of extraneous musings here since 2003!! Looking forward to your next post!!!