Saturday, November 19, 2016

Books and ebooks...Assorted Notes...

Seattle last May was again a nice trip.  Just getting back into the swing of  blogging here. It seems my sewing blog is slogging along rather slowly as well. I thought that today I would just add a few pictures from the past year, mostly to give the blog some bulk.  Reading - I have to admit to a long streak of reading Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum novels - I have about exhausted the series. Only three left until she writes another. They are amusing and go fast.  On the more sedate side, I have read some of the novels of Jason Goodwin, Ruth Downey and Eric Ambler once again.  I read a series by Lisa See that is so eye-opening on the topic of modern China. So well written. Dragon Bones, The Interior and Flower Net. Excellent.   In ebooks the selection is pretty eclectic.  I have The Lost World  by Arthur Conan Doyle, as well as a bunch of  self-published on AMAZON novels that aren't bad. You really have to be careful in the area of the self-published stuff, so very many are just drek.  I have read the worst book a few times, but try to stay away from anything that has bad reviews with which I can relate. So far the best self-published stuff I have come across is the light series of Folly Beach mysteries by Bill Noel,  the Roman era series by Robert Colton,  and a few others.  If I feel inclined I might do a book review occasionally of one or more of these books. If I mention them I recommend them, be sure of that. I don't write negative reviews.  I try to write positive reviews and if the book has any merit at all I do that.  If it does not I skip writing. The art of crafting a novel or any book at all is difficult. The problem with self-publishing is that lots of people do it with little or no concern for the element of talent.   All those editors at publishing houses that spend time reading books submitted by hopefuls have my utmost sympathy.

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