Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Winter and Discontent....

Sometimes I wonder about the world, but then I realize it has always been a tough go...and here it is February!  Snow time. Not so much as sometimes, but probably more to come. I read another Maisie Dobbs book, Why? I do not know. They are full of angst and sorrow and have sort of a supernatural edge that I find annoying. This was #3 and the last I will read. Some people love them, and they are well written. That alone can recommend a book these days.  I am going to read some escapist fiction - another one or two or three Janet Evanovich and maybe a non-fiction Eric Newby again. I finished another Eric Newby book, and I loved it - these Brits can write. In the wings I have Bill Bryson as well, and that is always fun!   Short and sweet today....but checking in!

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