Friday, February 17, 2017

Sun and Books...

So, more snow and the sun after that! When the sun comes out it's all good. Despite the vicissitudes of life and the world, the sun brings light, cheer and the hope of Spring.  Currently I am reading StarCrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce.  It's actually quite engaging. Aimed at the youth fiction market, and fantasy, the story is more engaging than many a more famous novel has been lately.  Rather than write about the books I didn't care for I do prefer to highlight those I liked. It's difficult to write a novel so better not to cramp the style of those who just might write better stories in future! So - in that vein, I want to say that StarCrossed is worthwhile, and I am glad I picked it up in a Kindle sale! I will probably read the rest in the series. Meanwhile I have an Evanovich novel going - a Goldberg-Evanovich book - series is Fox and O'Hare. This is a follow on to having read another Eric Newby book! Quite engaging is Eric Newby.   It was A Travelers Life and so interesting and funny.  Also finished the first in Simon Tolkien's Inspector Trave series...interesting and rather a slog. But a good slog. I am going to read the next two in the series at least - the more cerebral style of his work is engaging.  My pile of unread books is so high now. My son commented: "They might stop printing them?" in response to the size of the piles...:)

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