Saturday, February 25, 2017

Reading On a Branch Track...

Reading took an unexpected turn when I started StarCrossed by Elizabeth Bunce. Excellent book. Written for the youth market as my last post said - and a robust market that is, it is certainly readable by everyone from 4th grade on up who loves fantasy. When writing fantasy it is imperative to create a whole world that makes sense and holds together despite the various plots set within that world. This is a task that many an author fails at, and I have read a few of those failures.  To keep a reader believing in your world you have to be consistent with the whole culture of the world and sometimes something sticks out as so unbelievable it wrecks a story. Bunce has created a consistent culture, and a full bodied world that gets into your head and stays there. There are even maps - and let's face it - we love maps! A fantasy book without maps is just sad because we all read Lord of the Rings and we want maps. This is the first book about Digger the talented thief and her adventures in an oppressive world ruled by fanatics. Wonder why that resonates...but I digress.  I found myself finishing the book and then purchasing the next in the series. The third is in the works. The second is Liar's Moon, and I am only about 20% of the way in right now. These books have a regular publisher and they certainly deserve that. So many ebooks are self-published and you never know what the next shot in the dark will bring because you cannot trust the reviews of these books on AMAZON. You just have to get a feel for it and give it a try. A sample helps with that. Ms. Bunce has a talent here and I await book 3 with eagerness. The protagonist is a winner!


  1. Your tablescape with the napkin holder and all those restaurant pics make me smile.. They remind me of a time back in the early sixties when my Grandma would take me to local cafe's and treat me. Thanks for the pics ..

  2. Thanks Pigling! Yes, the Diner is very retro and that's because it's been there since that time! Nothing fake in the ambiance like so many places try to do! HAHAHHaa........I associate those fine places with great PIE!!!!