Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Back to Opera. I am now running Opera 7.23 in Windows XP. Mozilla, while nice, is too much to maintain, and Opera is still the best and fastest. All that I said about bloat is still unfortunately true, and I do pine for the slimmer version, but I did learn that one does not have to install in a profile. If you elect NOT to install for multiple users it is all installed into one folder as in the good old days. At least as far as I can tell in the little time I have searched. The best part is the election of only text ads. That is just so classy. No graphic monstrosities flying around from the browser, only from sites.

Now for a viable Opera product for Mac OS X and we're all set. But that may not happen any time soon. Safari is a good browser on Mac, but the speed of my Mac keeps going down with each new security upgrade and with more software installed. It "feels" like it is carrying a heavy load. And yes, I do use Cocktail and MacJanitor. There is probably more I can do but for now I am set. I do have about a GIG and a half of music on the Mac now - not that much by some standards, but more than needs to live there.

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