Thursday, December 04, 2003

Years ago there was a poem that people got on plaques and put up on the outside of the house by the door. I can't remember the whole thing (so I will spare you) but it went something to this effect: "No solicitation...I don't need whatever you are selling...if Sears and Roebuck doesn't have it - I don't need it!"

The techy 21st century equivalent is: "If AMAZON.COM doesn't have it - I don't need it!" Really, what is there that you can't at least get another site address from AMAZON to purchase? Everything from compressors to diamond rings to books and toys to clothing and vacuum cleaners? Wow. Even searching "sofa" brings me to links where I can purchase furniture online.

And what is everyone I know's favorite gift for themselves and others? You guessed it - an AMAZON gift certificate....OH YEA!

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