Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Blogging has taken a back seat to life, what with the active Holidays, and the vast need to waste the time I don't use in other fun when not working. Reading - first "Mysteries of Pittsburgh." Excellent first novel of Michael Chabon. Great beginning to this book, and the entire book is a word-fest. Getting out my notebook as I always do when reading Chabon, I jotted down some goodies like "sere" and "Belvedere." Don't expect the meaning here. Then I found the end of the book rather draggy and felt somehow that the end was not really enlightening. Who knows what became of our protagonist. But, the book was so much better than most other books anyway, that I enjoyed it, even though it was, overall, a bit dismal.

Also read a wonderful little book called "Flyboys" about a junior high boy and his fantasies of flying a B-47 in cold-war 195?. Quite a bit of this was esoteric stuff that being a Milbrat in the fifties in SAC gave me the "schema" for understanding - otherwise it may or may not amuse you. The author is Tom Hanley. I did enjoy many minutes of hysterical laughter while reading it. Not great literature here, but a great story. Teenage verbiage slightly more than exaggerated, and not that well-handled, but good anyway.

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