Monday, February 16, 2004

PHEW! Illness in January, busy in February. Well then, I am reading "Damascus Gate" by Robert Stone. Excellent, yet weird. Very involving. To read this, you need schema galore. All sorts of religious references and some quite arcane. Anyway, the book envelopes the reader with a building tension. We'll see how it ends.

Winter is too long, too cold and too snowy this year. Gives us all an occasion for complaints, so it does serve a purpose.

Just got a plain vanilla dialup for my Mac. Love it. And why not. These days we all have enough software to do whatever we want to or need to, so why download bloatware in order to get online. She, my Mac, was one year old not long ago. The plain vanilla dialup was her birthday present after finding out I couldn't get DSL yet. What kind of antidiluvian system has "my local phone company" got here anyhow?

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