Tuesday, February 24, 2004

The single most frightening thing on the political agenda of the day is the exportation of jobs to international locations, and the worst possible scenario is set by exporting technical and programming jobs abroad. The security of the country is at stake here. I don't want to talk to support staff in any other country but the US of A. And the thought of the leakage of computational data and programming code to anyone who might wish to copy, distribute or otherwise use this code for malicious purposes is just plain shocking.

Apparently the idea of paying fair wages and benefits to American workers, professionals or blue collar, is only a lip service elocutionary form. Companies by the dozens have opted to evade corporate responsibility by sending jobs and services overseas. There is no excuse for this practice, and there will indeed be consequences down the road, and they will probably not be pretty.

In the coming presidential election, it will be interesting to see if the Democrats address this in any real fashion. I see Kerry has stated that the companies who do this would maybe have to give three months notice. Good grief. What a copout, when we have already bled jobs like water over Hoover Dam.

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