Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Pre-Schooler installs Mac OS X...

Yesterday a friend of mine who has an original iMac (blue), and who had been happy with OS 9, told me that last weekend, her little son (about 4) was amusing himself pressing a key on the family iMac while his Mom was doing some laundry. To her surprise, she heard a noise. The machine turned itself on, booted up and installed Mac OS X. Imagine the SHOCK!

Once the deed was done it did seem like a good idea, since they had just acquired an iPod. Her husband called Apple and ordered the latest version of OS X. What were the odds that the key the little guy picked to pluck would be the "X" key?

;) Once again, Mac OS X *is* the easiest OS to install, as shown by its installation by a four year old!

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