Sunday, March 06, 2005

Troy ploy or Boy Toy?

Brad Pitt did a fine job in Troy but the script was lacking. Please spare us the touchie-feelie nowness of the Paris character. Paris was nothing like that if I remember my Iliad, and if he had been he would never have gotten Helen. So, if you have read even half of the Iliad, you may not want to see Troy. However, the making of the movie was fine. The cinematography, the sets, the ability to digitally enhance and create settings larger than life, as well as the investment of large sums in creating large REAL settings in Baja, Mexico and in Malta, have all given Troy a touch of greatness. The music and the visuals are enough to make this Oscar material, and the acting was superb. Brad Pitt as Achilles, and Eric Bana as Hector were supported by fine performances from Orlando Bloom (Paris), Sean Bean (Odysseus), and many more.

The dialogue was not great. The plotting and the writing needed fine tuning which was not evident. Some of the lines had us groaning. Achilles seemed to go back and forth between a ruthless Greek warrior and an angst-ridden sensitive man of the 21st century. That wasn't pretty. But the scenes with Achilles running ahead of his black helmeted Myrmidons in full attack mode were breathtaking. Well done.

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