Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Book roundup Summer' 07

I find myself woefully behind in commenting on recent books read. SO - I will make quick and simple reviews. First up is Helene Hanff, all of whose books I have now read. They make literate and funny reading, her sense of humor is sharp and her insight always to the point. From 84 Charring Cross Road to Apple of my Eye, all her books are engaging just for these qualities. In Apple of my Eye, Helene writes a guide to New York City which was written at a time of economic downturn for the city, and at the same time a nostalgic time just after the World Trade Center was new. It is not a tourist guide in reality, it is more of a love story to the city she lived in so long and loved the most. Her meanders through the city to see sights she had never seen before in order to write the book make great reading, and her always sharp wit enhances the experience. Highly recommended.

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