Thursday, July 19, 2007

Seattle Spring '07...

Another delightful trip to Seattle...not so much on the horizon this time, but another nice run of weather, no rain!People out there in Seattle want us to think it's all rain all the time but it isn't. Only once in the two weeks I was in Seattle did it rain, and then only a bit. I guess it all depends on the season you come! Lake Washington is wonderfully lovely on a sunny May day! Out on the water or watching geese at the park on Juanita Bay, all good. This time I did see and enjoy the Space Needle. Downtown Seattle is crowded, and all the things you want to see seem close, although I didn't get to the old square. Next trip! The view from the Needle is terrific, but the admission price too high! It is fun though, and really - I guess we can't put too high a price on fun! It was a dull sort of day but that didn't matter. We sandwiched the trip in before a kid birthday party on an Aikido studio. Nice drive around town in the area around the Needle as well. Funky museum and Music center there made good photo opportunities, and grandchildren made the trip extra fun! Other hi-lites of the trip were various local beaches and just the fun of the buildings and the cafes around the area. Seattle has so many little nifty coffee houses and grand cafes. When I say Seattle I mean the surrounds as well. Kirkland has a lovely downtown with shops and eateries, all very arty.

I liked Bothell and the wonderfully magnificent Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park Towne Centre. They shelve the used books in with the new! Innovative and convenient!

I love the buildings in and around Seattle. They range from the Ravenna neighborhood's lovely old Craftsman style homes to the modern cliff climbing glass and concrete apartment houses on Juanita Drive. The picture in the previous blog entry of the angles is a shot taken in Seattle. I love the sort of buildings there that are terraced up a hill, and the lines created by the interplay of the design are wonderful. As usual, a trip to Microsoft is fun and educational. Spread over quite a bit of territory and even at several locations across town, Microsoft is a fixture in the region, and has helped many a Seattle cause. This time I saw the Visitor's Center, which was not as central nor as large as I had thought it would be, but still a very interesting corporate display. I did tremendously, as always, enjoy my trip! For the aerial view from the Needle my picture shows the great view, but not on as bright a day as some days. The trip up into the observation deck was in an elevator with a lot of glass. you get to watch the ground disappear below as you ascend. You can see Seattle and a bit-o-the-Sound. Then, when you come out into the observation deck itself, you find yourself inside a nicely carpeted area - larger than I thought it would be, and hosting a nice coffee shop/snack bar. Eating a muffin at the top of the needle - the end of a good day's adventures!

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