Monday, August 25, 2003

I downloaded Nisus Writer Express Demo last week and have been using it. Except for the stupid "watermark" on the last printed page, which is really a pain because it is actually several diagonal lines down the entire page, this is a really nice beginning of the new word processor. I love the feature of a flexible writing area like MSWord has, and I don't want to buy WORD. Mellel and Appleworks both have a small writing area reminiscent of the old Mac with a tiny screen. Nisus Express is flexible and has the coolest slide-out preferences and formatting screen. In addition it is much more intuitive to use than the above mentioned programs. I have been using Microsoft WORD a long time now and before that - Word Perfect. Having used Appleworks since I became a Mac user, I was looking for something sleek, faster, and more flexible specifically for word processing, and I think Nisus Writer Express is that program.

I had questions about the registration and upgrades, so I wrote the support address an email. Within the morning I had an answer to my query. Very pleasent and prompt response, which I truly enjoyed seeing. This will be the only the second major software I have purchased for my Mac - the only other real purchase has been GraphicConverter and my several-button mouse! Now, a nice, affordable ice white Mac USB ergonomic keyboard might be nice - nothing out there fills that bill entirely.