Thursday, August 14, 2003

It is now almost the end of today and the lights are slowly coming on in the vast area affected by the 4:00PM blackout of '03. I checked the email forum for my email service of choice, and there were carping comments about the unavailability of the email service. Now the main servers for our service - a small one in comparison to many better known brands - reside in New York City. Some people felt that "backup plans should have been made" and that the outage was apparently a major problem in their lives hour by hour. You know, given that this is the largest rolling blackout ever, and that Cleveland to New York to Toronto to Sudbury, Ontario, for Pete's sake, had power out, you would think checking your email was not the top priority. Granted, some was business related, but really, half a day and one night - maybe people should examine their lives and find a good book to read when they can't read their email. In fact, I guess they just must have fuller, more exciting email lives than I do! I checked my Yahoo mail just now. I got several spams, and one mailing list post. So I am going to go watch "House Hunters" on HGTV and let the excitement carry me away. I can read that other mail when they have it up and running tomorrow!

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