Monday, August 25, 2003

So the Farmer's Almanac says we are to have a cold, miserable, long, snowy New England winter. Just for a second this appeals - after the heat wave we had just a week and a few days ago. But then, thinking back to cold, miserable, icey, snowy dark winter, my heart plummets to my socks and I remember taking those vacation days instead of driving on the worst days. Winter is so long here, and so dark. I photocopy the months from December to April from the Almanac, just the parts where the sunrise and sunset stats are listed. Then I check off the days as it gets lighter and lighter minute by blessed minute. There is a short while in December where I go home from work around 3:30pm to get on the way by dark and be home in the twilight, and then in the summer I leave work at 5:50PM in the light. The worst of the Winter is the dark, and the best of the Spring is the light.

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