Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Learning to take pictures again because my old TLR camera has no working light meter. Needs a mercury battery. Mercury batteries have been banned in the U.S. I am trying to master (which is in this instance means get to a level above crap) exposure control by eyeball. In the old days, when I was a kid, I had a Zeiss Ikonta. Folding bellows and all. Not only did you eyeball the exposure, you had to cock the shutter. I sold the Zeiss, complete with huge flash unit, when the ZOWEEEE new Kodak Instamatics came out (1965)because they were point and push and had photoelectric cell exposure meters. At least the one I bought did (what did I DO with that camera?) So - the skill of exposure setting has left the database of my brain, and practice is all that will restore some of those skills. Today's films seem to operate on a wide latitude. My latest roll came back today, and the prints all look well exposed no matter what the aperture setting as long as it was WIDE. "Rule of sunny 16", and then open her on up seems to do the trick! More like the "Rule of sunny f8" here in the Northeast.

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