Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Back from trip

To North Dakota and Minnesota. Northern parts...the prairie. Beautiful country. You can see the clouds marching to the horizon. I think that's the place Christopher Columbus was when he decided the world was round. He looked out there and he saw the clouds going around the world in perspective, curving toward the other side. Weather coolish but very nice, family wonderful to see, and all in all a good trip. Didn't even miss the world of the internet for the duration. The very upper Midwest has a way of life (not a "lifestyle") that is a bit less fractious and a bit less frenetic. EVERYONE isn't on their cell phones at all times (but a few people are). On glancing around the town of Grand Forks, I see cleaner streets, cleaner yards and in general a better look to things - but to be fair, the SPACE on the prairie may allow less of a RAT-BITE feeling then the crowds of the metro areas. Driving isn't much of a problem with straight roads, easy curves and less congestion, although people have been known to fall asleep on the straight country roads, with sorrow resulting.

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