Monday, June 07, 2004

Pop culture and Jennifer Lopez

Well, Jennifer has done it again. Married for the third time and apparently with all the hoopla usually reserved for the first wedding for the more sedate among us. May she and Marc Anthony (doesn't anyone remember Cleopatra?) live happily forever and ever. But don't you really doubt it? She always strikes me as a pretty bright girl really, and one I'd like, but WOW, her idea of going steady is to get married apparently - or at least have a wild ride of an engagement, then marry someone else!

Perhaps this illustrates the superficiality of today's culture. Jennifer Lopez is not alone in her inability to consider the gravity of life's larger decisions. Ordinary people make the same mistakes time after time. I even wonder why Jennifer Lopez gets married at all. I can see wanting a party, but really, she could live just fine on her income and just mellow out for ten years to come before she got into another marriage.

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