Monday, June 28, 2004

Email...what's the big deal? I have several email addresses. Who doesn't these days. Who needs the massive storage. One day you will have to clean that baby out and save the ones you want, so keep it clean now! I mean 1 GIG? I am drawn to try Gmail, but even though I got the invite, I am not really excited. Oh, at first I thought, "Why not?" but then I realized I already had a really great account at Fastmail, and then there is Yahoo, so because both of these are great, and I use them a lot, and I actually PAID for Fastmail, and then bought extra storage, well, nothing more is needed. My work email is the SPAMMYyest thing out there. No SPAM control at all, and it's Outlook - what more need be said. But as to Yahoo, they have upped the storage, and overall they have been the most reliable and have had the most uptime of all the accounts I have used for the last ten years. And I got my account that is now Yahoo about ten years ago. WOW, how time flies. But if you need an account, why not try Gmail? Everyone does need more than one so that you can POP the mail when your main server is on the blink, so give it a whirl.

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