Monday, June 07, 2004

Seriously...about national health insurance

Heard on Public Radio coming home from work today: Medicare's new "Drug Card" program has a 70 card choice people must make. Now that's a nightmare. Apparently seniors are having trouble differentiating between the 70 choices. Who wouldn't? Imagine reading "government-eze" about all those different cards. Apparently the Medicare recipient must discern which is correct for his or her needs. Luckily, as the radio people put it, there are people in each state at Departments of Aging to help one make the choice.

I can only surmise that the confusion will result in less usage of the cards at all which will save the tax payers money. Is this the diabolical scheme behind the whole thing? Let's make sure our legislators know that we want a one card system that covers drug costs fairly for all. And here's an idea - how about a National Insurance plan for all of us, not just a hit or miss attempt to placate the multitudes while keeping the drug companies and the hospital administrators happily raking it in.

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