Wednesday, April 07, 2004

The iTunes Music Store freebie with Pepsi caps is over this month. 4/30/04 is the deadline for redemption, so go for it. I have three caps in my desk drawer, and keep meaning to get those downloaded. So hard to pick from so many fine tunes!

My eyes were treated to the sight, and my hands held and touched the sweet little iPod Mini only last week. In gold, it was a sight to behold. As gadgets of technomania go, this one is easily the classiest, while also proving fun and useful. Did we really use those clumpy tape players? (Oh, I still have one at work, my own personal tape cassette player with earphone. After all, I still have my personal tapes.) I don't think I've used that since the XP box hit my desk with the capacity for my own playlists. And of course at home, the luxury of iTunes, and the wonder of my iPod (not mini).

Altogether different topic with a rush back to the literate world of books. I realize the incongruity of my present circumstance. My reading life has taken a crazy yaw and landed in a pile of books in progress. I have at the moment undertaken the following titles: From Rags to Bitches by Mr. Blackwell; Lucky Jim by Kingsley Amis; Deaf Like Me, by Thomas and James Spradley; and still working on Seven Pillars of Wisdom, T.E. Lawrence. Assuredly an eclectic jumble. Time will have passed before any reviews of these titles are forthcoming, except for my previous words on T.E. Lawrence. Seven Pillars is truly a marvelous and fascinating journey.

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