Sunday, April 25, 2004

Iraq looks like a quagmire of hideous proportions. I am so sad when I watch the news. Both candidates for the presidency seem like choices I don't want to make. It will be a hard decision in the face of the state of the world. Troops abroad take the heat off the desperate situation of America's workforce. People's attention is diverted by committees looking into this and that past happening, while happenings NOW are sidetracked from the public view.

But then I came across a chart examining the life of a blog, and it was somewhat humorous in its depiction of the topics common on blogs - bashing the Millennium Copyright Act (and with good reason), political diatribes, tech futures philosophizing - all things that of course we do blog about because they are all on our minds, whoever "we" are. More and more hits on Google are blogs, and some of these are the more intelligent webmatter. So, to make it short and sweet, I intend to continue along those veins with divergent routes off into the side-roads.

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