Monday, April 05, 2004

WOW...way past fun is Burning Monkey MahJong. Hours of silly fun in this game! That I will register. I love to relax with several games of solitaire every chance I get. The game is stable on the Mac, no visual weirdness, and the background art is very classy. The stupid little jokes are even fun.

This weekend has been a MacFest. I registered Photologist after trying it out for various photo manipulations. It has some little features that others do not. For example, nifty little vignette shaping. It works in a rather simple and mostly intuitive fashion - you do have to read and concentrate just enough. On the other hand, I love my GraphicConverter. The learning curve for GraphicConverter takes a lot of concentration because it is such a rich program. It can do anything from freehand creation of your own drawings to photo tweaking any way you need or want to, and of course save in any graphic format you can think of. I like the folder display in GraphicConverter and use it to organize my graphic folders. I never use iPhoto. I guess I came to the Mac way after I was on that level. I organize everything on my Mac in hierarchical folders. You can use GraphicConverter and Photologist more or less in tandem - what one does better or the other does better - use them both.

The only annoying thing about Photologist is the multiple windows but you get used to that. The developer has done a great job and I look forward to even better versions to come. I like to support shareware development by the "lone programmer" or programmers out there in the small way I can - which is to try out and register those programs I like, and to try to get the word around about said programs.

Which reminds me that I love MacJanitor and Cocktail and use both. Cleaning out the assorted crapola that accumulates in any PC's system is so important. So many times I have helped someone out with their "computer problem" only to find that a good cleanup is the cure. And of course the old reboot.

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