Tuesday, April 13, 2004

iTunes works so well. I redeemed my Pepsi caps for four Michael Feinstein tunes, and of course I added a few others as well. Hopefully so have many others, making the iTunes promotion a huge success?

Michael Feinstein, what a voice, but even more than that, a style that epitomizes Manhattan Glamourous, remembrance of things passed, my memories of the piano bar music, the shows, the twinkling glitter of Broadway, even visible in the early 1960s, my time in the Big Apple. I remember seeing Rosemary Clooney with Michael on his PBS special, Michael Feinstein and Friends in 1991. What a wonderful show that was. I loved Rosemary, and I met her once. She was a warm and compassionate human being. I watched the Feinstein special to see her perform and ended up a fan of Michael Feinstein.

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