Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Well, with the advent of iTunes 4.5, I think I have my first real complaint about Apple. It is something I've noticed to a lesser degree since getting a Mac. Now if I want a song from iTunes music Store I have to upgrade to the new iTunes, which of course will require an update of the iPod software as well. This isn't a good idea. One thing about Microsoft is that even my old stuff from Win95 is usable in XP, except for a very few programs, none of which are from Microsoft. Well, windows users are not going to be really happy with Apple for this when they go to buy a song, and this will add to their already not all that happy feeling about iTunes. Most Windows users want to use the music store with iTunes, but they are not really crazy about using iTunes as their default music player. Oddly enough.

I have been a Mac user for over a year and I have noticed the plethora of updates etc., followed by the updating of all the ancillary programs I need and the ones I want - most of the time I don't update unless I am forced. As long as the stuff I need and want works for me, why should I? It is altogether a pain in the neck. My old version of iTunes should still be good enough to buy a song. Maybe that pain is lower than the neck after all!

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