Monday, May 24, 2004

Loose ends, browsers, politics, and books

Thought I would mention that Firefox has won the browsing war as far as I am concerned. After using it this long I find I open it in Windows and in Mac 99% of the time. I seldom use Safari unless it is necessary for the application I have in mind. There seems to be a frame issue in Firefox, but it is not consistent, and in fact only appears for me in Yahoo sporadically. No problem. Haven't even been interested in a trial of the new Opera browser - it's too little too late for too much!

Politically there is no real excitement. No one looks particularly good lately, and maybe Nader is the way to go. The sorry state of the world and the sorry state of our involvement in Iraq has me avoiding the news networks. They have a way of exploiting every aspect of everything in order to fill that 24 hours of programming. I watch the BBC when I want news, and luckily we get it on cable from our Public Television affiliate in Plattsburgh, NY. One half hour of deplorable chaos is enough for one day. Actually, it is impossible to avoid the news on the car radio, and with the RSS feeds when I am online, I have to admit I get plenty of news.

Reading several books. Still reading "Seven Pillars", and I have to admit that I got lazy and read a few in the meantime. "WLT" I already reported on, and then there is "From Rags to Bitches." I am not done with that one. I feel as though I shouldn't even read it, the writing is pretty pathetic, but there is something about the man himself that comes through that has me interested. I guess it is sort of a pathetic book in content as well. Yet "Mr.Blackwell" did liven up a boring era with his style, and his story has some interesting slants on the "times of our lives." I have so many books piled up that I want to read soonest.

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