Friday, May 21, 2004

XML Fun week...

Feed added for those few select fans. What a rush. After combating the lazies, I finally read some of the documentation at Blogger about goodies I could be using for enhancement and education (mine). After checking out a couple RSS Readers, Mac and Win, I am using one each. Handy way to stay up to par on the news of whatever sort you prefer, although the availability of "feeds" is equivalent to grains of sand on the shore now, and some time has to be left for daily life, and - well - browsing the web! One blog leads to another, and so very many have RSS feeds. Discipline is required. Perhaps I might even decide to focus the blog one of these days, though that might take all the fun out of the process for me. There is considerable interest in where Google will take Blogger now, and I am certainly interested in the outcome.

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