Monday, May 31, 2004

Tomatoes and grass...Memorial Day 2004

Spring has definitely sprung. Yesterday was a trip to our favorite local greenhouse. Our deck now holds flowers, both potted and waiting for planting in the garden, and today is the day the tomatoes go in. Only three plants this time, two beefsteak and one smaller patio plant. Since we bought them already strong and about a foot and a half tall, there should be no problem being overrun in August and September with tomatoes. The cherry tree and the apple tree are happily leafed out, both bigger than last year. I am amazed because last year there was a blight of some sort on them. I have no idea what, or how to combat that. It looks like leaving it alone worked! Meanwhile the grass has grown to resemble prairie, only to be cut down to suburban tameness a day or two ago. Mosquitoes love the tall grass, or I would leave it natural and intersperse flowers. It's a dream. And, in even more astonishing news, the sun is shining and the temperature is about 70. Truly a day off made in heaven.

The more somber note is that it is the Memorial Day Remembrance, and the televised ceremonials over the weekend were very sad. To think we have another crop of war dead is a shattering thought, and one that I hoped would never be true. After Vietnam, what did we learn about getting bogged down in a guerilla war in a place where no one likes us?

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