Sunday, May 16, 2004

Finished Garrison Keillor's new book, "WLT." It was a mix of pathos and humor, telling the story of fictional WLT in Minneapolis back in the days of families gathering around the radio weekend and week nights, listening to favorite local and network programming. I do remember running in the house when the "Green Hornet" came on - or "The Whistler" or "The Shadow." Not to mention "The Lone Ranger," "Amos and Andy," "Fibber McGee and Molly," "Letter from Luigi" - but I digress. The personal story of Frank White, fictional future television anchorman emeritus is the vehicle for the very mellow and nostalgic look back at radio stations and their employees, none of whom seem sugar coated to say the least. A certain fixation of female anatomy colors the waking hours of many of the books characters,reflecting no doubt the author's own cogitations. All in all a touching read.

New template in place after seeing the nifty new ones here on Blogger. I will try and spend a bit of time tweaking the template one of these days, although there seems no real reason to do this. I suppose I should want to write my own, but frankly the people doing them for Blogger seem to have both the know-how and the time. The results are excellent.

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