Saturday, May 29, 2004

Musings on our political system

It's a hard call to know what would serve us better. Some criticism of the two party system may be valid, but this is countered a bit when people actually get into congress, depending on each legislator's level of thirst for power. At present we could argue there is too much power in the Supreme Court as well as in the Executive branch of the government, and not enough guts in Congress.

But we do have elections where as a rule people aren't trampled during riots at the poling places, and we have elections where you don't get shot as you come out of voting, and where you actually have more than the one candidate! Compared with the systems throughout the world, ours looks pretty workable. I don't see a utopia where things are accomplished in a more even manner politically, unless there were a very small population with a common culture. And this brings to mind the Big Man system, which heaven knows is not FAIR either. So In the end, our Constitution has served us fairly well all these years.

I do take my American citizenship seriously. I remember I was 9 when I raised my little arm and took the Oath of Citizenship. I remember wearing this little dress with a checkered print and cat-eye glasses. They gave us each a silk flag and a certificate. And there was a letter from president Eisenhower. The flag is and has always been, in my dresser drawer. I was the only child among the new citizens that day, and I remember that the courthouse smelled like well-waxed wood.

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