Thursday, July 29, 2004

Apple musings...

Apple has just sent me (and about a million or more others) a nifty deal where if I buy a new Mac with various accoutrements, I can save up to $330. Well, they don't understand that I need to pay for the one I have! A nice no-interest loan but I have another 6-7 months to go. Oh - to dream. I am still learning and enjoying the eMac. It is so easy to USE that one can put off the exploring and delving into the innards. I do like to go romping through the file directories to see what's on the inside, what's behind the pretty window dressing. Actually, on the Mac, the innards are as pleasing looking as the display! I still like to look at the folders in various views and see what sort of folder looks best in what view.

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