Thursday, July 22, 2004

Summer heat, humidity and politics

I had this all written, and the prose was astoundingly beautiful, and then Blogger hiccupped and away went my post. Really. It was a work of art. I cannot hope to do it over again, so here is a synopsis:

Political conventions are not that exciting anymore, and do they have them in the middle of summer in order to distract our attention from what goes on at the convention? Most of us are enjoying the summer, and we don't really want to deal with the issues at this point. I know, I know, shame on me. And then there is this: can any of the parties actually do much about the "issues" anyway. Well, the Democrats have had their turn at saving the country, and so have the Republicans, and on the whole I prefer the Democratic approach. But I am not certain the difference is apparent. The main product of the conventions will be billowing waves of hot air, and the proof will have to come later.

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