Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Rain followed by torrents and wetness...

Weather the last few weeks has been, in the main, wet. The tomato plants haven't had enough warm sunny days to extend foliage growth, but they are filled with tomatoes, so that works out. Perhaps the only tomatoes we will get. The beans are the happiest, having grown sevenfold in the last two weeks. Blooming purple flowers attest to the future bean harvest of Royal Burgundy Bush Beans. The grass is deep green and the tropical rainforest ambiance is lazing us out.

Political conventions are coming up soon, and I will try to follow the events until the rhetoric gags me, and then once again, duck under the whole "current events" scene with my computer and books. As mental health treatment, books and Macs are up there with the best. Not to mention Jimmy Buffet CDs.

I see that the random ads from Google now advertise Alaska to anyone who checks out this blog. I am so tempted to put a string of key words into every post...heh. Like this: Beef Council, Coca-Cola, Mount Etna, the BBC. That should suffice for this time.

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