Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bloggers with credentials....

BBrrr...sounds like a disease....credentials...getting into your distal portions and making you crepitatious and gnarly. Well, enough levity. The Democratic convention has "credentialed" some twenty+ bloggers to augment the press corps. The thinking is that these cutting edge techies will have a unique perspective on the whole Democratic process. Interesting thought, and the one interesting thing so far in the convention. While Kerry is out slogging down the campaign trail, his minions in Boston are conventioneering. I was surprised that Kerry wasn't there (he gives a speech there Thursday night to accept the nomination), I had supposed he would be. So all that is happening is rhetoric. It will be interesting to see what, if anything, new we are presented with. It seems that the Democrats don't dare run on a "Get out of Iraq" platform, and frankly that is all I wanted to hear. Healthcare and "Get out of Iraq." And I hardly think the Demos can deliver on either thing, and the Republicans don't even want to. So far, the election is the most lackluster one in decades. We'll see.

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