Friday, July 02, 2004

Books and Apple computers

Has anyone thought much about the Google ads generated on your BlogSpot site? Interesting selection. I was a tiny bit annoyed at some of them because they were pretty much outside what I would have wished for, as in the case of all the links up there after the death of a former president whom named once more will generate more ads like the previous ones. So the title of this entry is a ploy to generate ads for two of my favorite things, heh.

The news from Apple today is the end of the present configuration of the iMac and a new model announced for September. I am looking forward to seeing the new model. No rush for me; I am happy with my present system, but it never hurts to look at the newer ones. Oh joy.

And as to books, why there just isn't time to read them all. I have just checked out a new non-fiction work by Tim Holland, entitled "Rubicon: the triumph and tragedy of the Roman Republic." This looks terrific, and if the first few sentences are anything like the rest of the book, I am in for an enlightening and well written treat.

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