Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Another thought hit me at lunch. We were talking about money and what people with a lot of it do with it, not from our own personal experience of course! In the course of the conversation I recalled that Bill Gates and his wife have given many thousands, even millions to chartities, and to institutions including Duke University. How much I appreciate this fact, as Duke is close to the hearts of my family - at least the Medical Center is.

People with money could decide to spend it all on themselves rather easily, even with the untold weath some possess, so sharing the wealth with others shows the sort of character that could ultimately lead to a better environment for the technical world as well (reminds me of open source sharing, although wealth is seldom open source!).

Added tidbit - today Microsoft changed its employee benefit from stock options to actual stock. That's a good sign. HHmm.....shall I hope for a better tomorrow? Maybe so...

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