Friday, July 18, 2003

On the Demise of Netscape - From another thinker:
Think of all the successful open source projects that do not have AOL or some similar gorilla backing them! Apache, PHP, and the big one - LINUX! :) All these succeeded in the same shoes the mozilla folks find themselves in now. Or worse. I feel bad for them for losing their jobs, I hope their families are not to negatively affected. I am not too worried about Mozilla though.

Interesting timing, there has been talk of revolt and rebellion in the Mozilla camp for a while, they were due for a shakeup. Mozilla is not finished because open source projects are never finished. Windows and IE are not finished, MS just will not admit it. Linux is certainly not "finished". I'm sure Mozilla will be fine. It's the main browser for Linux and if IBM, SUN, HP and those guys (plus most of Europe and Asia) want Linux to displace Windows on the desktop (and they do) then someone will be taking good care of Mozilla, believe you me.

My own observations:
Well, I do hope those guys get a company together and keep the Mozilla fan-base. It is one thing though that needs a person to know more than the usual to get it downloaded and on the machine and all that talk of "builds" scares people. I sure am sorry they lost their jobs, and I am especially sorry AOL bought Netscape and then AOL was acquired by Time-warner and they booted Steve Case. He liked Netscape and he built AOL and was a success...Time-Warner is going to kill AOL if they are not careful and that would be a shame - it is one huge compu-comapny.