Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Meditating on the ways I use the eMac "different." First, I find that after waiting for troubleshooting occasions as I was used to doing on my PC, I feel alone. Except for a few niggly items, I find no need for the expectation of trouble. Oh, last week I generated my first kernel panic, but that was probably due to my having opened about 6 programs all at the same time while online. I was trying to upgrade my website "live" and do some graphic mainpulation for it at the same time, as well as Appleworks and an editor open, and my browser. So that I can explain. No trouble since a reboot from that escapade. The eMac, like I have learned from reading the Mac pubs that all Macs do, does like to hog memory. I have a paltry 256RAM, and am looking at the possibility of adding more. This assessment is after she reached her five months birthday yesterday.

So, how is life-on-the-Mac different? I boot up and do what I want to do - I web, I write, I play with photos, I listen and buy music and burn the odd CD. In a word, I USE the eMac instead of doing my former hobby which was maintaining and tweaking and cleanup on a Windows PC. I estimate the time needed for that on a PC to be about 1/3 of the time on any system. maybe it will be better with XP. As I now use an XP machine at work (three weeks new, I will coment later on that. Give the machine a few months).

An observation - why is it that I read so much in the Mac pubs about Microsoft Applications? I guess if you are a Mac user from way back maybe you have dulled your brain on the issue, but I didn't buy my Mac to run Windows!! If you want to run Windows - get a PC. There are a lot of pluses about the WindowsXP OS. I reached the pinnacle of dismay tonight when reading the review of MSN for Mac OS X in a new issue of one of my MacMags. I mean really. Do I want to be a client - to PAY Microsoft and be another appendage of the empire? I think not.

If you have an Apple Computer, learn to use Appleworks, and unless you really need to use Microsoft apps on your Mac for your daily bread, don't do it. Support open source, find an office program that you can use, do all you can to make APPLE and compatible open source applications appealing to others, and maybe a tiny voice for choice will prevail.

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