Tuesday, July 08, 2003

I am sitting here reading Yahoo News and pondering the fate of the Iranian conjoined twins. How very sad it is that they died in surgery. On the positive side, the story of their lives and the doctor who adopted them is sobering. The little girls were hospitalized, then in the Islamist revolution, they vanished. When their father, a village farmer, finally found them they had been taken in and adopted by a doctor who found them abandoned in a hospital with staff who refused to care for them. He raised the girls as his own daughters, and they convinced their natural father (who wanted them back) that they were better off than working in a village, a life they would never have been able to sustain. That their adopted father would reach out in kindness and give them life is both a testimony to goodness in this world, and an opportunity to reflect on possibility for a common understanding between good people no matter where they find their lives unfolding.

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