Saturday, July 19, 2003

Browsers now that Netscape is going the dodo way. Well, I still use Opera 6.06 on my Windows XP machine at work. MUCH better than having to slog through IE. Opera is slimmer and faster, but I don't like version 7. Your screen real estate has shrunken to dangerous proportions in 7, and your icons are like fat beginner pencils. Plus the enclusion of an unneeded and (to me) unwanted mail program has finally done me in as far as Opera is concerned. I haven't even tried it on the eMac. No more paying for Opera.

Meanwhile in eMac-Land I use Apple's Safari exclusively. The release of Safari 1.0 has improved the experience. It has a lot of Opera's good points, as in speed, bookmark ease, multiple windows and tabbing. I like the look as well.

IE is just so slow. On the PC it is even slow on a fast network. Cumbersome one might even say. But now and then you need something that IE handles well, so I always have it on hand.