Friday, July 04, 2003

Today is the fourth of July. I guess Summer is not only here but in progress. No more thought of that. Yesterday I was thinking that I work in the workplace of my dreams - the absolute apex of civilization - the axis of the matrix of knowledge. Surrounded by the ideas and the dreams of mankind, I walk each day among my oldest friends. I work in an academic library. Accidental in the beginning - serendipity placed me in my dream job, then the people I work with made it worth the years. Working among the books, my oldest and most therapeutic of friends, then walking amidst the beauty of a well manicured campus, leaving work is a changing view of four seasons against the hills. Coupled with the constant flow of available reading, this is a daily pleasure.

eBooks figure highly among my obsessions, and the paucity of good readers for the Mac is a concern, yet I have the Palm Desktop Reader at the moment. Not enough literature free for the Palm Reader. Free literature is the motivating factor in eBooks as far as I am concerned. I first read a book on the PC when DOS was the OS. Good Old blue screen and white letters. Read it online from the author's site. later bought the paper book. Not an unusual happening. I have purchased several books I first read in the electronic versions. Sax Rohmer collection started that way.

eBooks - another case of free access being denied as publishers try to grab once out of copyright texts for the "erights." Having been somewhat successful, I am sure more tricks will be used to deny us free texts out of copright and to make the bucks at our expense. Thank goodness for the GUTENBERG PROJECT. Protecting texts in electronic form for the millenia. I think our copyright laws protect the texts for too long from the public domain. As long as the author is alive and royalties are possible this protection is valid, but the length of time of the copyright "protects" the publishers and heirs so that they can then cash in on another's creativity is far too long. I would think 50 years or the author's lifetime is plenty of time.

On the topic of books...reading at the moment the third in the Ludlum "Bourne" set, and the last Ludlum book for me. Had to finish the Bourne saga, but really...summer reading as they like to say about light best seller stuff. Also reading "The Heat of the Day" by Elizabeth Bowen, a rather flat affect sort of ambiance with a pall over it. Wartime England. Started Evelyn Waugh's "Decline and Fall." Hysterical yet pathetic story so far of young Brit thrown out of college due to fund shortage who then is disowned by his guardian and thrown into a hideous teaching job in a third rate boys school...just bought a load of books from Alibris so I am in no danger of running out of fodder for the wetware. Not to mention the recent acquisition of Harry Potter #5. Even if HP wasn't the best written story in a long time you'd have to read it to be part of our world.

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