Thursday, July 10, 2003

MacWorld finally - in the new issue I got yesterday - decided to grudgingly admire the eMac, but not too much - refers to it as squat and things like that - a workhorse for schools...I think they should aim it right smack at the general comsumer who buys a dell or gateway to do email, internet and save and share pictures. And of course listen to and record music!

Then, MacAddict came and again - it features the eMac! Tests show that the new 1GigRAM eMac can hold its own! Good to know. They did however, refer to the eMac as a "behemoth." I take umbrage.

Most Mac stuff is very high-end user and that fact helps account for the smaller sales figures. At least that is the impression I get from reading the Mac publications...they are very professionally oriented.
The eMac could be Apples gateway (excuse the pun) to a larger general user base. DO YOU HEAR ME STEVE????? I would aim an ad campaign right out there at the home PC crowd featuring the smaller footprint of the eMac - the all-in-one feature that first attracted me! To a Windows user the eMac *IS* a small footprint, even though to a Mac user I would suppose the iMac is the point of reference.

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