Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Apple has a new version of Jaguar out. 10.2.8! I must have missed 10.2.7? So - compufun in the works for the weekend. I also need the newest version of GraphicConverter. It is a superb program, and my version is a bit outdated. I find there are many more updates and tweaks in the common use of Macs. The mindset seems to be to get all the newest versions, and the bug problem seems so much less. in a Winsystem you always have to think about how a new version can discombobulate your present software (or even your drivers), and as a rule there is always some punishment for each "upgrade," and some troubleshooting fun to be had after you add something. In the Mac OS, this seems so minimal, I haven't had the problem at all so far. I have downloaded a few programs that didn't seem stable and instantly trashed them. That's another beauty of the Mac OS. You can pull stuff to the trash and have the program gone after just a few files are removed from the preferences folders.

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