Monday, September 08, 2003

Monday morning coffee sitting on the desk beside me, and I am waking up slowly. It was an interesting weekend. Had one of those fits of organization where you go and look at your "wardrobe." That's what I call it, yea. So quite a few old things are history now, sitting in the Salvation Army sorting center. Had to reorganize the cupboards in the kitchen to accomodate the new water-heating-device-with-cord which I prefer to sit on the counter in readiness. All is now efficiently arranged. Nothing is like the thrill of saintliness you get from organizing, cleaning, sorting and removing. We all have too much "stuff" in our lives and homes. No doubt about it. I have too much stuff. Probably going to keep on having too much stuff. I do have a finite space for books, so when I go beserk and buy books I have to sort out some already on the shelves. Ditto CDs. If you don't get a grip and cycle through the stock, you are immersed in a sea of possessions.

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