Friday, September 12, 2003

WOW. New Blogger option to spell check! This has been needed. Careful editing is always a good thing, but spell checking provides the last word. So to speak. More new options as well make this an interesting journey. WAIT - for now the URL is not found. Maybe my browser? Who knows.

Thank goodness - Friday! Glad to see it come because I want to spend the weekend doing some much needed work around the house and watching several DVDs. HHHHmmm...which will come first, and which will get done?

I see Apple is being sued by the Apple Corps who are the Beatles parent company, or owner or however it is delineated. Seems Apple agreed not to go near the music business and the suit is not the first. There must be money in the "music business!" Interesting to watch this develope.

This week has seen a plethora of MS updates to our software at work. Security holes being patched, new virii sigs galore. Sigh. meanwhile - did I upload the *monthly* new Norton sigs for my Mac? I have to see about that...I keep forgetting about Norton on the Mac. Wonder why that is...:) Can't get too complaisant though, you never know.

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