Monday, September 22, 2003

The hurricane has come and gone, even leaving downed trees in New England! Now Fall is coming on, leaves getting red, orange and yellow slowly while the temperatures remain livable outside. If winter didn't come right after Fall, I would enjoy Fall much more.

I have decided that Elizabeth Bowen's writing is among the most tedious. I am still plodding through her book, "The Heat of the Day". If I do not let myself read anything else, it is even more difficult. Her sentence construction is convoluted and ambiguous, and the narrative often winds around some introspective philosophical digression and then twines back to the remnants of the story. It is not really a character driven story, but rather a philosophical tome. In some ways her writing is evocative of Virginia Woolf.

What keeps me going is the overall ambience of the book - the "feeling" of deadened feeling. WWII must have cast a dismal pall over Britain because victory was not insured, and many were very frightened of the future, while fighting valiantly in any way, even small, to stave off the enemy. This feeling is manifest on a personal level by the few characters, including the City of London, whom she has allowed to take shape.

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