Thursday, September 04, 2003

Worms eating their way through the internet. Our web is down at the college. All week so far, and this is Thursday. Mail only sporadic. Network really slow, and by really slow I mean almost unresponsive. I am getting a bit withdrawn, and not very enthused about the non-reception of email. It's the start of the school year, and I always forget the numbers of students in this metro area. With three colleges in town the numbers of internet users spikes tremendously in September. Should not come as a surprise to the local IT people. Phooy. Good thing I have a trusty modem at home and can POP the mail. Sometimes that works, sometimes it does not. And of course it goes without saying that having a Mac is a nice touch as well, especially in these wormy times.

Spent the money to register Nisus Writer Express. Now, I hope it gets some enhancements in version 1.1, coming out very soon they say. I would like the WYSIWYG font list, but that's not the top of the list. The ability to save as a PDF would be nice as well. This word processor is very very smooth. A nice "feel" and a good touch. You can also make the actual text area as wide as your screen if you want to. I like a nice sized window for my text, and you cannot get this with Appleworks or with Mellel as far as I could tell in my trial of that software. I didn't want MSWord for Mac, so I looked for another word processor with a variable text area, and Nisus Writer Express fills the bill.

If we register Mac software we encourage the developers. Go to it people!

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